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March 19, 2020

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Tips to Clean Artificial Grass

One of the best maintenance tasks for your artificial grass is cleaning. Proper maintenance, as well as care, will help to extend the life of the turf in the long run and especially when it is done on a regular basis. There are also some short-term benefits that you will get when you decide to clean your artificial grass on a regular basis. When you invest your time and effort in cleaning the artificial grass, you will have a clean as well as an odor-free lawn that you and your pets will enjoy comfortably. When it comes to maintaining your artificial grass thorough cleaning, you might decide to call a professional who will handle everything for you in case you don’t have the time. However, if you are looking to save on the cost of working with a professional, you can always do it on your own when you follow some tips. There are some tips and guidelines that are meant to help you clean your artificial grass in the best way ensuring that it is always clean and free from debris. The following are some of the tasks you can do to ensuring that you clean your artificial grass in an effortless way.

One thing that you will need to do when it comes to cleaning your artificial grass is removing any leaves or debris. In case you are having trees surrounding your lawn, then you will have to deal with fallen leaves on a regular basis. To remove the leaves as well as other debris, you might consider using a light rake, a boom or even a leaf blower. For the dust and dirt, ensure that you use a brush that has hard bristles. Make sure that you avoid garden rakes with tines that are sharp or even a brush with metallic bristles since such sharp objects will damage the lawn by causing tears and rips. The number of times you are going to remove the debris and leaves will depend on how they build up. Also, removing leaves and debris from the artificial grass will not only help the lawn to look clean but it will prevent the growth of surface weeds.

Another tip to ensuring that your artificial grass is always clean is by removing the stain. Cleaning up stains from drink spills like coffee will require that you use a soapy mixture and an item of clothing over the stain site. For the outdoor installations, you will need to attach the tip of the spray on your hose and pressure wash on the spot which is stained. When it comes to removing oil stains, ensure that you use mineral spirits or a bleach-free detergent that is mild. In case there are chewing gums stuck on the artificial grass, ensure that you place an ice cubes bag over the spot and this will harden the gum making it easy to remove. Most of the artificial grass material is stain resistant but there are cases when this cannot be avoided. It is quite hard for the artificial grass to stain permanently and thus these are just temporary stains that are easy to remove.

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