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January 2, 2020


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Benefits Of Sobriety Coins

It is not easy for a recovering addicts to stay sober and it normally requires for them to be very dedicated to it and persevere through the whole time. Motivation of the addicts to continue with their perseverance and crown their achievement is by giving them sobriety coins or medallions.
Using these coins comes with its own benefits such as; for support, for anticipation, and to serve as a reminder.
The chips or coins have an aspect of support associated with them. The coins serve the benefit of being empowering tools that offer support to the individuals. When one is trying to gauge and celebrate the success of the recovering addict, the AA coins are useful acting as measures of this and in support of it. Support also involves encouraging the person through giving them the AA chips or coins as they go on persevering, constant support is key.
Sobriety coins help you to have anticipation as you eagerly wait for the day you will get one and the next one after that. The anticipation is also attributed to them having varied shapes and fun colors to look forward to.
The coins have a significance in reminding the person. As a reminder, the coin or chips helps you to remember the days when you were indulging in the drug abuse. The coin reminds you of all the accomplishments that you have made so far.
Staying sober has its own benefits such as; less worrying, you can save your money for other uses, it improves your relation with the family, it facilitates a deep connection with others, long term rewards can be gained from it, you get to try new things and adventures, spiritual growth, you can find your purpose in life, learn to accept and love yourself, less chaos in life, it comes with the feeling of being healthier, sleep is improved with it, you look better, and it helps in improving the person’s memory.
Pointers to help the person remain in that sober state are; give back to the community, get a pet, frequently check yourself, be active all the time, pressure should not be put on one short stay rehabilitation centers, a 24hour plan should be applied, you should not tolerate loneliness, the fear of relapse should not be your main concern, try meditation, you should be forgiving, change should be embraced, not testing yourself or willpower, venture into your creative side, seek support, live as per today, ; goals should be created, the statistics should not worry you as much, the negativity should be set aside, create a gratitude list, learn to walk away from situations that are stressing.

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