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November 18, 2019


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Breaking Down Character Analysis

In film making, the success of a character will be determined by how well they have captured all the feelings being conveyed in the script. However, much of the role falls on the director of the film, they have to get what the script is all about. In every story there are some highlight points that the director needs to identify and determine how well to express them. A character has to be developed and analyzed to determine just how well they will deliver. Every script has a structures, this has to be mapped out so that the roles of the characters can be established.

As much as some character roles intertwine, every character is given a single role to fulfill. The characters roles could either be an antagonist, catalyst, partner and much more, fitting that role is very important. After the roles have been established, next the emotions will come into consideration. There are three types of emotions and they will influence the stand of the audience on the fate of each of the character. There are external and internal factors about each character that makes them fit their roles and a complete analysis has to have that. The analysis of the character will even extend to the background of the person taking the role.

The roles the characters were doing before the scene and where one comes from will come into play here. Word by other people on the character makes part of the background analysis as well. Their own account on what they think about the people they are will help with determining whether they are ideal for the role. There are some roles that will fit introverts more and others extroverts, knowing where a character is on that scale helps create good cast. The objectives of the characters have to be looked at as well There must be something they are looking to gain out of life.

In each scene the character is going to be in, they must have an objective. Concerning what the objective will be, the character should be left to make a choice on the possible objectives. The character should be paired with what is easier to materialize when it comes to playing the scene. All the prior work takes a lot of effort and time. The director will then look at the script another time listing the characters from those with the main roles to the supporting roles. All this is necessary for amazing screenplay.


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